Meet one of our Sales and Customer support team members; Carl.

Known for his infectious positivity, Carl has an innate ability to make customers feel at ease right from the start. Carl moved to Leeds in search of new opportunities, and he found them here at HWL Windows, so much so, that 10 years later he is still flippin’ here, and still giving it his all.

When it comes to purchasing windows or seeking reliable customer support, having a pleasant experience can make all the difference. At HWL Windows, one person who embodies friendliness, humor, and exceptional expertise is our Carl.


Origin story

Before Carl became a part of the sales and customer service team he worked as a fabricator at HWL , having previously worked as an installer. That’s what sets Carl apart! With years of experience in the industry, he possesses an extensive knowledge of HWL Windows’ product range, the manufacturing processes of how they are made and then installed. Which makes him a very useful person to speak with with queries or ordering from our range of products!

Carl knows that purchasing windows may not be the most thrilling task in the world, but Carl effortlessly turns a routine work call into an enjoyable experience. We often hear clients and Carl sharing a laugh over the phone, even after a long day of hard decision-making and problem solving.


What Makes a Carl, Carl?

When asked what he loves about working with HWL he spoke of  the support and understanding he receives from HWL and gets the support he needs to manage his other full time job; being a dad.

When Carl is not at work he loves to spend time with his two young lads, whacking golf balls, and most recently, has taken up paddle boarding for the summer.

Other than having a passion for golfing , Carl also has a professional passion for the well-being of his customers, even after their purchase. Carl takes the time to follow up, ensuring that customers are delighted with their new windows and addressing any concerns they may have.

When it comes to sales and customer support, Carl is a true gem at HWL Windows.

So if you’re in search of quality windows and a delightful customer experience, don’t hesitate to seek out Carl at HWL Windows – you won’t be disappointed!