HWL is excited to announce that the Residence Collection has launched a new product: The Trickle Vent Cover. 


About the Trickle Vent

In 2022, a significant change took place in the construction and renovation industry when the installation of trickle vents became mandatory for most projects. While these vents play a crucial role in maintaining indoor air quality and preventing issues (such as condensation), they have often been considered disruptive to the overall design of a window. But thanks to innovative solutions, like this vent cover, homeowners can now enjoy the benefits of trickle vents without compromising the aesthetic appeal of their windows and doors.

Seamless Integration

One of the concerns with traditional trickle vents has been their impact on the overall design and appearance of windows and doors. Recognizing this, the Residence Collection has introduced a solution that seamlessly conceals the vent. Making the vent virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the frame. This easy-to-install,  sleek cover is designed to blend in with the aesthetics of the Residence Collection’s R9, R7, and R2 designs.



Aesthetically Pleasing Design:

The aluminum vent cover (offered by the Residence Collection) is available in various finishes, including powder-coated and foil finishes. This extensive range ensures that homeowners can find an option that perfectly complements their existing windows, enabling a harmonious integration. The sleek design of the cover creates subtle lines that discreetly blend in with the frame, enhancing the overall appearance of the window or door.(For properties located in conservation areas or listed buildings, maintaining architectural integrity is often a priority. This trickle vent cover offers a solution that not only adheres to the mandatory trickle vent requirements, but also ensures that the historical or traditional aesthetic of the property is preserved.

Thanks to the Residence Collection’s innovative vent cover, you can now achieve the best of both worlds! — functional ventilation and an aesthetically pleasing design.)Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your windows while maintaining optimum airflow control with our innovative Trickle Vent Cover. Designed to flawlessly match the styles and colors of the Residence Collection windows, this remarkable accessory ensures a uniform and harmonious look for your home.

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 HWL Windows Approved

At HWL Windows, we understand the importance of maintaining a consistent and appealing design throughout homeowners’  living spaces. That’s why we are so glad the residence collection has introduced Trickle Vent Cover to seamlessly integrate with the elegance of your Residence Collection windows. Whether the windows boast a classic, contemporary, or modern design, our versatile cover effortlessly complements properties existing aesthetics.

Not only does the Trickle Vent Cover enhance your home’s visual appeal, but it also offers practical functionality. By effectively concealing the trickle vent, it prevents unsightly drafts, while still allowing controlled ventilation to maintain a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. Enjoy the benefits of improved indoor air quality without compromising on style.

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How do I include the Trickle Vent cover in my order?

Now available within all of our residence collection order forms! Next time you want to put an order in for your windows & door needs it will be on the form ready to be ticked. Simply go on to our website, click on p-cloud, find the Residence Collection and then your pretty much sorted!


Cheers, from HWL!