HWL Difference– Small Changes, Lead To Big Improvements.

1) New Bead Finish

Shortening the bead ends has optimised the compression process, ensuring that each glass unit is precisely and uniformly sealed.

While functionality is paramount,  shorter neat-looking bead ends create a cleaner, more polished look. Another vital aspect of window design is the alignment of the astragal bars (a lovely touch that enhances the traditional look of windows). The shortened bead ends ensure that the astragal bar will be positioned correctly. Contributing to the ease of uniformed, neat and tidy astragal bars that really help to boost the overall charm and character of a window.


2) Clip Fit Astragal BarsAstragal Bar

We have been working closely with The Residence Collection to bring this exceptional product that combines classic style and convenience. We offer two distinct options to cater to your specific needs:

R222 Shallow Bar (Default Option): The R222, is a shallow astragal bar, it strikes a balance between classic aesthetics and contemporary functionality. The R222 is designed to seamlessly integrate with your windows, providing a more streamlined appearance.

R223 Large Internal Bar: This option faithfully replicates the original, larger-sized astragal bar. If you’re aiming for a truly authentic look reminiscent of historic architecture, the R223 is the perfect choice.

With the ‘Clip-fit’ system, the installation process is simplified, helping to cut back on installation time. If you have specific requirements for matching up astragal bars, our Georgian bar option is available upon request which ensures windows are tailored to perfection.


3) New colour code labelling for beading

Beads are digitally measured and cut to precise sizes, any misalignment can lead to an imperfect finish and a potentially unhappy customer. We understand that installing windows can be stressful, even a small issue can get in the way of a smooth installation process. It can be annoying to figure out which way is which, when measurements are similar. 

Each bead now has a coloured sticker easily visible, the colours on the beads correspond with the same colour on the sash positions.  Installers no longer need to measure, or guess which bead goes where. They simply need to match the coloured sticker on the bead with the corresponding colour on the sash position. Simple!

4) Heavy Duty Friction Stays Now Standard

We understand that it’s a bonus when you get more than what you asked for. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever by including the Easy Clean option as standard in all side-opening sashes of our Residence Collection windows. With this feature, you can effortlessly access and clean the exterior of your windows it also helps simplify the choices for your customers.

Two Sizes for Versatile Application:

Our HD Friction Stays are supplied in two sizes, carefully determined by the sash size. The smaller option can carry an impressive 35kg, while the larger one is capable of supporting up to 45kg. We’ve made this improvement to help future-proof our products for the increasing demand for triple-glazed units.

5) Product Labelling

We’ve added new labels to our packaging, just a few friendly reminders to ensure a smooth installation process.

The Retain Bead Order label will be placed throughout the sash to reinforce our new coloured label beading system.

The Toe and Heel label is placed on the corner of the sash as a reminder while glazing.

The screwdriver/drill label will be applied to all dummy sashes. This is to remind installers not to use a drill and only hand tighten with a screwdriver to avoid bowing.

*This will be active on orders placed from October.