As we close the curtains on 2023, I’m pleased to say it’s been a cracker of a year. The success we’ve had together has been fantastic, take a look back at what we’ve acomplished this year and find out what 2024 will bring our way. – Mark Haley, M.D.

G23 Awards Commercial project of the year

G23 Awards Winner

We won the G23 Award for Commercial Project of the Year, in collaboration with The Residence Collection. This recognition celebrates our outstanding work on the 200+ R9 windows crafted by HWL, installed by Linfit Developments.

Hats off to our Sales Support Team!

Sales support team

We wanted to take a moment to express our deepest thanks for your fantastic support throughout 2023. Dealing with you this year has been an absolute pleasure. We can’t wait to keep this momentum going in the new year. Wishing you a fantastic holiday season and an amazing year ahead! – Carl, Chris & Danny

Premium Colour Range

Launched July

Premium Colour range

In July, we introduced our Premium Colour Range, featuring special colours for The Residence Collection, all available on standard prices and lead times. Our premium colours now make up 15% of our orders and is rapidly growing!

Pack Checks

Quality pack checks

Earlier this year, we encountered challenges with our pack quality. Rest assured, we’ve taken decisive actions to resolve this. Now, every pack undergoes meticulous double-checks by our team to ensure all packs are correct and sent out in a timely manner.

Sheerline Aluminium

Prestige Lift & Slide Patio

Launched November

Lift and Slide Patio

Complete the Prestige Range

Sheerline launched their new Lift and Slide Patio, filling the demand for a high-performance aluminium patio door. Now available to price on WD cloud.

NFA 23 Winner

New Product of the Year

Combining cutting-edge technology and innovative design, Sheerline secured the New Product of the year award at the NFA 23.

What does it mean to be a Specialist Manufacturer?

Specialist manufacturer

Unlike the majority of manufacturers that spread their attention across multiple systems, we prioritise just two core products. This approach allows us to refine our processes, sharpen our skills, and swiftly respond to any challenges that may emerge.

Setting goals not to be the biggest, but the best.

With both of our core product groups winning prestigious awards throughout 2023, we know we’ve focused on exceptional and innovative products.

Coming Spring 2024

Classic Heritage Door

Sheerline Aluminium

Classic Heritage Door

Thermal Efficiency

The new Classic Heritage door is fully Part-L compliant achieving U-values from 1.4 with a standard D.G.U, 1.0 with a T.G.U.

Classic Heritage


Classic Heritage offers traditional or modern aesthetics with specifically designed Georgian bars.

Open-in Flush Residence door

In 2024, The Residence Collection will introduce the open-in flush door. We will use the same Timberweld manufacturing process we use for the rest of the collection, allowing you to have a suite of Timberwelded Residence Collection products.