Smart Doors

Making Doors Smarter

Customers are increasingly wanting more from their windows and doors. With Kubu, you can offer some peace of mind. All smart doors from HWL are now be pre-fitted with Kubu smart technology that allows customers to check whether their doors are unlocked remotely. Kubu equipped locks easily pass PAS 24 tests and are Secured By Design accredited.

Customer Benfits

Offer More to Customers

With Kubu, you can:
– View the status of the lock
– Be alerted as your leave the perimeter that it’s unlocked
– Get notified of every key turn
– View door histories
– Share your door with family and friends
Designed for Simplicity

How It Works

Once you’ve installed a door with Kubu Equipped locks, you don’t have to do anything further. Installers and homeowners can purchase the Kubu products directly from the Kubu website (

The Kubu Starter Kit contains everything homeowners need to fully activate their Kubu Equipped Door Lock. Kubu is quick and easy to setup, taking just 10 minutes. It’s so simple, homeowners can setup and activate their Kubu Smart Lock themselves.