Sheerline Prestige

Stylish aluminium windows & doors that combine exceptional thermal performance with refined looks

Sheerline Prestige Windows & Doors

Sheerline Prestige has been carefully designed to combine stylish looks with the latest technological innovation. Prestige windows and doors incorporate many unique features to create an incredibly thermally efficient, secure system.

Our Prestige windows achieve U-Values as low as 1.4 (with double glazing) and 1.0 (with triple glazing). 

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Thermavic Technology

Sheerline Prestige windows and doors have an innovative Thermavic® multi-chamber thermal design hidden away inside. This closed-cell, insulating chamber acts as a thermal break and is far superior to traditional polyamide thermal breaks.

This Thermavic® technology helps keep your customers home well insulated against the worst of the British weather.

Patented Construction

With sightlines starting as slim as 88mm, Prestige windows and doors help maximise the daylight entering your home. With crisp aluminium detailing creating a refined and architectural look.

While our patented construction method – using threaded screws to bind corners tightly together – helps eliminate misaligned corner issues that can occur on ordinary aluminium frames.

Inbuilt Security

The patented construction method helps create exceptionally strong frames. Paired with a full-depth eurogroove which enables us to offer you the latest high-security multipoint locking system.

Prestige’s clever integrated design also ensures both window and door lock cases are fully enclosed. Meaning they don’t break through into the glazing, or beading areas.

Sheerline Prestige Bi-Folds

Sheerline Prestige bi-folds can help create an increased sense of space and a seamless transition between your garden and the inside of your home. The new Prestige bi-folds have been designed to offer the perfect balance of refined looks, exceptional thermal performance and outstanding operation.

Prestige bi-folds achieve U-Values as low as 1.4 (with double glazing) and 1.0 (with triple glazing). 

Colour Options

Traditional Colours

Pure White
Hipca Gloss White
Anthracite Grey
Jet Black

Character Premium Colours

Agate Grey
Squirrel Grey
Pastel Turquoise
Chocolate Brown

Paragon Anodised Finish

Natural Silver
Mid Bronze
Black Anodised